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Have you ever noticed that each person’s smile is distinct?

Your smile is key to your unique how the world sees you. The goal of cosmetic  dentistry is to turn an average smile into a terrific smile. This is done by analyzing every aspect of your smile, And then correcting the problems. It is amazing how an attractive new smile gives you more confidence.

Over the last number of years we’ve seen makeovers of one sort or another featured on everything from daytime talk shows to local programming. With shows like extreme makeover on the air, our patient have become more aware than ever of the various dental treatments available to them and understood it is important to come in to talk to a professional about what best suits their particular  situation.
Dr.Ravari and her team work together to present a treatment plan that best suits you and what you are looking for. Cosmetic  consultations are usually comprised of an exam , X-rays, photographs and a wax-up of your improved smile so you can see what your teeth will look before treatment even begins. With careful planning and good communication, this is the first step to a terrific new smile!


Smile makeover is the term we generally think of when someone wants to renew his or her smile in some way. If you are dealing with discoloured, chipped, stained or damaged teeth, you may realize it is time to invest in yourself and brighten up your smile. For some of our patients, a “makeover” may be as simple as an in-office whitening procedure followed by the replacement of their silver(amalgam)fillings with white, composite fillings. For others, it may involve braces, porcelain veneers, crowns or even more extensive gum re-contouring combined with the above. Whatever the case for you personally, we are more than happy to discuss the best options available to you.

Gone are the days of filling those cavities with unsightly metal fillings. Today, technology allows us to fill teeth with durable resin or porcelain that can be bonded to you teeth for a stronger, more  natural looking effect. Resin, or composite, fillings are virtually undetectable  and are often used for smaller cavities; whereas porcelain is more appropriate for larger fillings where they can provide better support for chewing and are still able to deliver an aesthetic result.

Patients want a sparkling smile dentists want teeth to be healthy. Dentists are committed the health of teeth at all costs. Skyce, a way that dentists can carryout the procedure responsibility using tried- and – tested products. The dental jewelry does not need to be pre- treated and in bonded on to the tooth in the same ways an orthodontic bracket. Skyce® is easy to apply. First a retentive pattern is produced on the enamel using 37%.Phosphoric acid. Then Skyce® is bonded to the tooth with the transparent, flowable Heliobond. In the process, Heliobond into the retention niches on the back of Skyce® and into the etch pattern on  the tooth. Skyce® must be encircled by a little Heliobond to ensure macro mechanical retention.


Many of us aren’t born with that perfect smile we might want. Porcelain veneers allow you to change the appearance of your smile, while keeping your own natural teeth, by literally applying a thin porcelain shell that bond to the front of your own teeth. Veneers are custom designed to achieve the size, shape and colour of teeth you want. Some of our patients may choose to veneer  all of the visible teeth in their smile, while others may wish to watch veneers to the colour of their surrounding teeth in order to correct small chips or  other imperfections in just a few teeth.

The primary benefit of veneers is that offer an “instant” result in just two appointments. In fact, veneers are often a terrific alternative for our patients who want a new smile but do not wish to proceed with  orthodontic treatment. The other benefit of porcelain veneers is they offer a resilient, strong, durable and stain-resistant porcelain correction for a variety of problems. With proper maintenance, veneer offer you a confident smile for years to come.

Porcelain crown. Also known as caps, are an excellent way to repair and strengthen badly damaged teeth. Like veneers, crowns can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth by offering a natural, translucent restoration that can either be matched to the colour of your  existing teeth, or be used in conjunction with other procedures(like veneers or bridges) to brighten and renew a full smile.

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